Real Estate


My friend just showed me some cool sweet real estate in Spain. My dream. OK, so maybe not my dream but it would be a dream to own something there because it just looked so lovely. I told her to buy a big ass property so I can visit her when I am on vacation. hehehe.

It would be an absolute dream to own something near the beach. We saw a couple in OZ. Mornington? Ah, anyway, my friend is looking for something by beach too. I also told her to have a look for miami beach real estate. But, she says “no, I much prefer Spain. Possibly a nice place. I will have to be there to believe it. I will wait for her to buy the house first. Properties are going cheap there apparently. Much cheaper than our Mont Kiara. Uh-huh.

We were invited to go with a friend and her family to Italy this summer. We almost did book the tickets but we ended up not because in a span of a few days, ticket prices went up like crazy. What a pity. It would be nice for Em and her little friend to be together. But, it was not meant to be. Then, hubby suggested I go with Em. To tell you the truth, the idea is very tempting but being a foreign land where English is not their first language? I don’t think so. I am such a hermit, am I not? hehehhe…



Who would’ve thought that, of all people, it will be Stan Wawrinka who emerges as the Australian Open 2014 champion. Did you? I certainly didn’t (expect him to win). I was actually rooting for Delpo but, I should’ve known better as he is one player who’s prone to being injured and all. The other person whom I thought would win it was Nole and he certainly disappoint. I mean, not to take anything away from Stan (he played great!) but still? It is Djokovic we’re talking about and yet, he was beaten…fair and square.

Of course, all those who bought the Friday night tickets to watch the legendary match-up between Federer and Nadal must have been disappointed after an hour or so of play. I would have been if I paid mega bucks on a Friday night anticipating a 5 hour match. Instead, I got solid exchange for about an hour. Everything went downhill after that. Truly very disappointing indeed.

Stan, on the other hand, was a welcome change. He deserved everything that he got. Nadal completely faltered and froze in the end. I felt it was a strategic move by the Feds. Keeping low profile, letting Stan take the glory. Keep the rest guessing and second guessing. Pretty clever I must say. We’ll see how the rest of the year pans out. Can’t wait.

One more sleep


One more sleep and we are on our way to the first Grand Slam of the year. Yes, the very first and are we excited? I am more excited to see the outfits actually…hehehe 

I wonder if this will be DelPo’s year. He really deserves a 2nd GS. Also, he’s shly hot and lanky. I think if he was a tad bit shorter, he’ll look even more hot? hotter? hahahha…ok, all these latin americans can honestly do some serious damage to one’s marriage…LOL

Anyway, the main action will come in only at the 2nd week. The first week is usually warm ups for the top players. For the lesser known players, the first week is relatively nerve wrecking. So bad that some even had to check in for oxycontin rehab. No kidding! But, that’s how it is when you play pro tennis. And, that’s how it is when you cannot hack life. 

Yes, Fed and his wife will be having their 3rd child. If they are Chinese, I would say that the pregnancy comes in pretty timely as next year is the Year of the Horse. The Horse symbolizes strength, power and is a very hardworking animal. So, the Chinese believes that those who are born in the year of the Horse, will embody all those fine qualities..ssp if you have a son. Maybe the Feds believe in the chinese zodiac philosophy. In fact, I was joking with the hubs that perhaps it will be a good idea to try for another baby next year? A son? Make my MIL jump up with Glee?


Over me dead ovaries.