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I am Shireen, a 30-something Malaysian, living in my homeland. I have a lovely daughter, Ash. I’ve been married for 7 years to a very loving hubby, Gnat. Although, I can be categorised as a blogging mommy but this blog isn’t about my mommy life..

If you are wondering (which I am sure you might) why I titled this blog “Beluga“. It actually stemmed from the fact that when I was younger, about 12, my family were living briefly in the States where my dad did his post-graduate studies. While we were there, we grabbed every opportunity we could to travel as much as possible in and around the States. One of my most memorable visits was seeing Shamu in action at Sea World! It was the best and I became pretty much obsessed with anything that has to do with whales and dolphins. Unfortunately, my dad didn’t quite approve of me joining Greenpeace or even condone my desire to pursue a career in marine biology. So, I ended up being a lawyer instead. But, I no longer practice law. I have since given that up to raise my child and I made that decision more than 2 years ago.

This blog, whilst still a work-in-progress, is a place where I get to share my interest with you – writing and photography. I think I should add a disclaimer right about here : I am not a professional. Not yet at least. I write because the love I have for it plus, to share with you some of my favourite photos because…well, I think they are pretty neat.

My photos are taken with the aid of my “point and shoot” (Olympus FE-190) and “DSLR” (Nikon D40 with kit lens). Although lately, most images are taken with the DSLR.

You are most welcomed to stick around and post a comment or two, I would very much love to hear what you think or if you prefer to write me instead, my contact email is sheeyen27 [at] gmail [dot] com.

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