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We were invited to go with a friend and her family to Italy this summer. We almost did book the tickets but we ended up not because in a span of a few days, ticket prices went up like crazy. What a pity. It would be nice for Em and her little friend to be […]

I have been talking about a trip to the USA for the longest time. The LONGEST TIME…Ever!! I want to bring my girls to Orlando’s Disney World, to the Space Centre…to Miami. Just amazing times! I have such fond memories of Disney to begin with. It was (and still is) the No. 1 dream place when […]

Yes, very soon it WILL be Christmas. And once again, we will be crazy busy. Not as busy as before but at the moment, we are buzying. It’s not so much preparing for Christmas because we don’t actually celebrate it. It is more of my daughters celebrating Christmas. This means, we will have to put […]

Need for new TV


I need new TV. Actually, our existing one is ok but just that we need to replace our in laws faulty tv and we thought we might just get a new one and give them ours? hahaha…Shouldn’t it be : we get them a new one and don’t replace ours? heheheh… Oh well, anyways, irregardless, […]

Eating feast


I have gone for our first Hari Raya makan yesterday. Oh.So.Yummy! I thought that was it but hubby told me that we have 1 more on Sunday. Since we will be in KL area, I wonder if they would be interested to go KLCC after that? The Aquaria? Although Ashley has been to the Acquaria […]