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Real Estate


My friend just showed me some cool sweet real estate in Spain. My dream. OK, so maybe not my dream but it would be a dream to own something there because it just looked so lovely. I told her to buy a big ass property so I can visit her when I am on vacation. […]



Who would’ve thought that, of all people, it will be Stan Wawrinka who emerges as the Australian Open 2014 champion. Did you? I certainly didn’t (expect him to win). I was actually rooting for Delpo but, I should’ve known better as he is one player who’s prone to being injured and all. The other person […]

The elusive 8th


The year is coming to a close. This means, we have the Australian Open to look forward to pretty soon. Yee ha! But, we won’t be going to watch it live like we did 2 years ago and like what we did some years ago. I will try not to go to Australia till it […]

I have been talking about a trip to the USA for the longest time. The LONGEST TIME…Ever!! I want to bring my girls to Orlando’s Disney World, to the Space Centre…to Miami. Just amazing times! I have such fond memories of Disney to begin with. It was (and still is) the No. 1 dream place when […]



The girls are addicted to the Despicable Me series. Watching them over and over again on DVD. They just cannot get enough of Gru and his Minions. So much so that Mini is starting to speak like a Minion sometimes. As soon as she opens her eyes, thats all she thinks about. It’s them Minions […]