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Real Estate


My friend just showed me some cool sweet real estate in Spain. My dream. OK, so maybe not my dream but it would be a dream to own something there because it just looked so lovely. I told her to buy a big ass property so I can visit her when I am on vacation. […]

One more sleep


One more sleep and we are on our way to the first Grand Slam of the year. Yes, the very first and are we excited? I am more excited to see the outfits actually…hehehe¬† I wonder if this will be DelPo’s year. He really deserves a 2nd GS. Also, he’s shly hot and lanky. I […]

Yes, Fed and his wife will be having their 3rd child. If they are Chinese, I would say that the pregnancy comes in pretty timely as next year is the Year of the Horse. The Horse symbolizes strength, power and is a very hardworking animal. So, the Chinese believes that those who are born in […]

Eating feast


I have gone for our first Hari Raya makan yesterday. Oh.So.Yummy! I thought that was it but hubby told me that we have 1 more on Sunday. Since we will be in KL area, I wonder if they would be interested to go KLCC after that? The Aquaria? Although Ashley has been to the Acquaria […]



The girls are addicted to the Despicable Me series. Watching them over and over again on DVD. They just cannot get enough of Gru and his Minions. So much so that Mini is starting to speak like a Minion sometimes. As soon as she opens her eyes, thats all she thinks about. It’s them Minions […]