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Yes, Fed and his wife will be having their 3rd child. If they are Chinese, I would say that the pregnancy comes in pretty timely as next year is the Year of the Horse. The Horse symbolizes strength, power and is a very hardworking animal. So, the Chinese believes that those who are born in […]

London 2013


Oh, this is not the time to visit London right now. If you had tickets to watch either Federer or Nadal or both of them playing each other – you’ll be in for a rude shocker. Shock to the system. If you don’t already know, both men are out of Wimbledon. O.U.T! How is that […]

Have you heard the news about the Nanny who snapped and killed 2 of her employer’s kids? Well, it’s all over the New York Times. Sad isn’t it? So young and so innocent. How hard is it to get help these days? I remember one time in Britain, a Nanny also went beserk, started throwing […]



I have this friend who recently added me as her FB friend. She is a friend of a friend of my cousin. I lost count after the 3rd degree of separation. Then, she started to promote her online boutique. Apa la? OK fine. Nothing against people trying to make a decent living. At least they […]

After being laid back for the past 6 years or so, I have been contemplating on going back to the workforce. Why? Oh, the reasons are many and varied : escalating costs of living, kids’ education, need for more self indulgent activities and so on and so forth…like I said – plenty! If I do […]