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The elusive 8th


The year is coming to a close. This means, we have the Australian Open to look forward to pretty soon. Yee ha! But, we won’t be going to watch it live like we did 2 years ago and like what we did some years ago. I will try not to go to Australia till it is necessary. heheheh…

So, what am I talking about? I am talking about Federer and his 8th Wimbledon title. He came close this year but the English had another winner in the name of Andy Murray. The authorities made sure that the title will go home to England in 2013 after narrowly losing it in 2012 (to none other than Roger Federer). I am not entirely sure Andy truly deserved the title but because he came close many times and this year, he truly played his life away, in that sense..yes, he did deserve it. But as to whether he can be called into the circle of champions amongst Fed, Rafa and Nole, it still remains to be seen. It’s like, Andy’s there but not quite there…yet. Still? Andy must be lauded for at least trying. He did earn himself 2 Open titles (US and Wimbledon). So, not such a one-hit-wonder.

I am looking forward to next year watching Federer play. I have gotten used to him losing so, the movie’s not so scary after all..Watching him play is really something regardless of the results. I am not sure how I’d feel when he finally hangs up his racquet but I would be fine. I know I will.

I have been talking about a trip to the USA for the longest time. The LONGEST TIME…Ever!!

I want to bring my girls to Orlando’s Disney World, to the Space Centre…to Miami. Just amazing times!

I have such fond memories of Disney to begin with. It was (and still is) the No. 1 dream place when I was a kid. What’s more..if you go to Disney World, it’s Disneyland and Epcot Centre combined. You get the fairy tales plus the science world all in one place. My favourite ride/attraction at Disneyworld has to be the Haunted House. Oh, I went on that thing for like gazillion times…ok, it was only 4 times because we still wanted to take on other rides. It was so scary and spooky and fun all in one. You get taken on this movable barrel. As you glide thru the house, you will encounter ghostly and spooky experiences. I must gotta hand it to them Disney people. They really know how to do make-believe.

You probably guessed it that I am not that into the Princesses and all. Yea, after all, I was already 12 then. I was completely over the Princess phase. Not that I was ever into that…EVER. But I did have a lot of princess story books around when I was little. So, you know, going to Disneyland was indeed a dream come true.

The only problem with Disney is the queues for the rides and expensive food. Absolutely no outside food allowed. You have to buy all your meals at the park and they cost a bomb! So, what did my parents do to save money? We pre-cooked like claypot chicken rice at the motel (cooked in a rice cooker) and when it was lunchtime, we just got out of the park to eat in our car…:-D. But, of course, if we needed snacks, we’d just buy them.

All in all, it was a tremendous experience. I will never forget it. I just hope my girls can enjoy what I was privileged to have.

Yes, very soon it WILL be Christmas. And once again, we will be crazy busy. Not as busy as before but at the moment, we are buzying. It’s not so much preparing for Christmas because we don’t actually celebrate it. It is more of my daughters celebrating Christmas. This means, we will have to put the tree up and do the whole enchilada. Can you tell I am not looking forward to it. Plus, I have loads of shopping to do. Making “the list” is making my heart palpitate. Wish me luck!



Need for new TV


I need new TV. Actually, our existing one is ok but just that we need to replace our in laws faulty tv and we thought we might just get a new one and give them ours? hahaha…Shouldn’t it be : we get them a new one and don’t replace ours? heheheh…

Oh well, anyways, irregardless, if you have  a new tv or even an old one, best to get a sturdy stand for TV. Wouldn’t you agree?

Eating feast


I have gone for our first Hari Raya makan yesterday. Oh.So.Yummy! I thought that was it but hubby told me that we have 1 more on Sunday. Since we will be in KL area, I wonder if they would be interested to go KLCC after that? The Aquaria? Although Ashley has been to the Acquaria but not Mini. She hasn’t done all that Ashley has although, Mini has done more the international stuff compared to the sister so that pretty much evens out then. I haven’t been to KLCC in a long time. The only thing I remember about KLCC is that they have a ridiculous paging system. That is absolutely mad. Having said all that, would be nice to go down there for a change. Just hang. Plus, 2 more weeks and my SIL returns. When will the crazy days end? …