Are you guys ready for Christmas? I am only just. I am super super exhausted. Went out for a scrumptious Japanese meal last night at KL Hilton. My jaw dropped when I saw the state of Brickfields because I haven’t been there for ages!! Oh, I took a wrong turn and ended up in brickfields […]

I have free movie passes for hubby and I. They are just passes to a specific cinema, and we get to choose which movie we want to watch at any given time. It can be a midnight screening or matinee show, it don’t’s entirely up to us. I really would love to watch The […]

up and away!!


The (stock) market is up….Gold prices are up….Even fuel went up… Signs of the elections coming? Time to cash out methinks. We’ve been toying with the idea of selling our place for so long and we’re just waiting for the opportune moment. Will that moment ever cross our path? We have never made ourselves to […]