One more sleep


One more sleep and we are on our way to the first Grand Slam of the year. Yes, the very first and are we excited? I am more excited to see the outfits actually…hehehe 

I wonder if this will be DelPo’s year. He really deserves a 2nd GS. Also, he’s shly hot and lanky. I think if he was a tad bit shorter, he’ll look even more hot? hotter? hahahha…ok, all these latin americans can honestly do some serious damage to one’s marriage…LOL

Anyway, the main action will come in only at the 2nd week. The first week is usually warm ups for the top players. For the lesser known players, the first week is relatively nerve wrecking. So bad that some even had to check in for oxycontin rehab. No kidding! But, that’s how it is when you play pro tennis. And, that’s how it is when you cannot hack life. 

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