Lily o’ Bud



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  1. 1 Louise

    I think you are on the wrong day for WW at the WW website

    Reply : Fortunately, I am on both (pages)! Thanks for the info though :-)

  2. 2 kailani

    I really need to get a new lens for my camera! I want to take photos like this! Love it!

  3. 3 Renée aka Mekhismom

    This is a stunning photo. You are so talented!

  4. 4 People with Cameras

    That is just beautiful.

  5. 5 CJHill

    Now that’s a great shot!

    Mine’s linked above and the photo isn’t one I took, but it’s cool.


  6. 6 luna miranda

    beautiful macro.

  7. 7 Beth F

    Very cool.

  8. 8 Doll Clothes Gal

    What a cool photo

    Happy WW

  9. 9 Rona

    Love the photo.

  10. 10 sheila

    Sweet photo! Great shot!

  11. 11 Ms. A


  12. 12 Karen

    That is beautiful. Like beauty unfolding.

  13. 13 MomOf3 (4 to B)

    This is so pretty!! :)

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